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Templar Battleforce v2.6.41: Platform Enhancement Kit!

Whenever we release a new game, we are always pushed to improve our underlying engine and platform support.  Templar Battleforce helped us level up in many ways and now, our latest title Star Traders: Frontiers has some goodies to share with all of our other games.

With this release, we've backported the improvements from STF including Linux tooltips, fixing issues with stuck tooltips, improved hover speeds, icons for your taskbar and better resolution support!

We've also made a series of balancing updates to monster types, made the litch smarter (watch out!) and down-balanced the cost of some ordnance, based on player feedback and suggestions.

Please, leave a review this holiday season to help spread the cheer, mechs and squashed xeno!

Oh, and play Star Traders: Frontiers!
v2.6.41 - 12/1/2017
 - Fixed issue with tooltips getting stuck
 - Win32: Improved Taskbar and Window Icons
 - Win32: Boosted mouse hover speed by 100ms
 - Linux: Added mouse hover support, Improved 3rd Button
 - Mac OS X: Improved mouse hover performance
 - Improved Pipeline levels and fixed map bugs
 - Improved resolution and scaling for very large and very small screens
 - Fixes reported game crashes and text typo cleanups
 - Buffed Monster Resistance for Sniper, Flamer Cultists
 - Increased Accuracy and reduced resistance for Narvidian Flier
 - Improved Litch's tactical AI routines
 - Increased cost of 'Turret Perimeter Resupply' from 200 to 250
 - Reduced price of 'Flame Coat Kit' from 150 to 100
 - Increased base Armor for Pyro Turrets

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